Non-Profit Organizations


At Good Harbor Institute, using the latest research in organizational change, we work with your team to translate evidenced-based trauma research into real skills they can begin using immediately to support them in getting better results, because just knowing information is not enough.

These skills support those being served, clients, in becoming more compliant in getting their needs met, and result in greater client cooperation, compliance, and staff understanding of clients. This training is offered with the non-clinician in mind, however; it is relevant and useful for clinicians. Good Harbor Programming is to support everyone in an organization to learn skills to move beyond just understanding what adversity and trauma are to taking immediate action to implement change for better outcomes.

At Good Harbor Institute, we understand training without sustained change is wasted time and money, therefore; Good Harbor Institute incorporates the 3 environmental components- Team- Self- Client- into all training creating an environment of sustained change. Additionally, we utilize a train-the-trainer model, training Site Coaches to continue training for new employees who join the team later.

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