Higher Education

This training was informative and thought-provoking. The presentation not only gave us a lot to think about, but also a new lens to see our students through. – Lisa Thomas, Dean of Students  Northwestern Michigan College

What if you have students who are, literally, too scared to learn? When a student’s brain has developed under traumatic or adverse conditions it is likely they will be susceptible to “trauma brain” avalanche. When stressed or frightened their brain may be likely to retreat into a “fight, flight, freeze, appease” mode, taking executive functioning off line.

We support those in higher education in the classroom and in support roles to gain the skills needed to prevent the trauma brain avalanche. Knowing a student’s personal story is not needed to prevent trauma brain. These are skills you can use with every student, every colleague, and even in your personal life.

Dr. Cathy Fialon has 25 years of experience working in higher education as an adjunct faculty member (online and bricks-n-mortar), in student services, residence life, as a past president of Indiana Campus Law Enforcement Administrators, and in judicial affairs. She has worked in large, public institutions, community colleges, and in a private, liberal arts institution. She understands the challenges faculty and staff face in meeting the needs of a diverse student population while balancing their own safety.

At Good Harbor Institute we provide all those working in higher education, in all roles, skills based training to create an environment which enhances learning, employee morale, and is ultimately safer for everyone.

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