I have received training on trauma before, but this was honestly the first workshop to ever give me the hands-on skills to create a trauma informed practice. – River House Domestic Violence Shelter Staff

This training was informative and thought-provoking. The presentation not only gave us a lot to think about, but also a new lens to see our students through. – Lisa Thomas, Dean of Students  Northwestern Michigan College

Best practices regarding working with students in crisis– Traverse Bay Intermediate School District Employee

After completing this training, I now understand my child in a whole new way– Foster Care Parent


Knowing Is Not Enough

Skills + Action = Healing

Good Harbor Institute is led by founders Dr. Cathy Fialon, an adult adoptee, and Shenandoah Chefalo, who aged out of the foster care system at 18. With professional experience, education and lived experience they work with leaders and educators in business, K-12, higher education, human service organizations, and government organizations translating evidenced-based research on toxic stress/trauma/adversity into real skills which can be used immediately for change, because just knowing information is not enough. 

The objective of the Creating Good Harbors Program is to support everyone in an organization to learn skills to move beyond just understanding what adversity and trauma are to taking immediate action to implement change.


Trauma Care Implemented (TCI) ultimately breaks the cycle of traumatic adversity and moves everyone in the organization toward a more resilient, effective, compassionate way of work.

Many organizations are aware of their need to become “trauma aware” and may have taken steps to move in
that direction. However, at Good Harbor Institute the mission is to work with an organization to build
sustainable, implemented trauma care throughout all levels of the organization. Many trainings and programs
offer excellent trauma care information, however; without incorporating all three environments of the
organization into a program, sustainability is not achieved. The three environments in every organization are
Self (individual employees), Team, and Client/Student/Customer served.



At Good Harbor Institute Shenandoah and Dr. Fialon create a relationship with your organization to ensure lasting, impactful change. They equip everyone in the organization with skills for self-care, team care and client care.
Over the course of year one they provide your organization with assessment, training, and utilize implementation strategies to ensure sustainable, implemented change and TCI (Trauma Care Implemented) certification.
Subsequent years we provide fidelity support and TCI recertification.

Good Harbor Institute programs are considered evidenced informed practice based on existing research and anecdotal evidence.

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